Sunday, June 30, 2013

DAY 15 - GOLDSMITHS (Sage's School)

University of London

London, England

Current Student Contacts:
(and Joe from London, England)
Seattle, Washington
High School
Groton School
Bachelor of Music, Concentration Popular Music

Why did you choose you school?
I was looking for a school where I could study popular music and have the flexibility to continue to travel and perform. It's actually quite a challenge to find popular music programs in the United States. University of Southern California and New York University offer them, but they are very small and recently established. Goldsmiths popular music concentration has been established for fifteen years. I really appreciate Goldsmiths because Joe and I met and started collaborating during our first fall of classes. Since then we have been able to get our degrees while simultaneously signing with a Seattle based label. This past spring our band was selected to play in the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, we were gone for a week and our faulty was really understanding and flexible about allowing us to experience this incredible opportunity.

Check out Sage and Joe's band at:

Where next?
Hopefully playing more shows across the UK and US!

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