Sunday, June 23, 2013


 I had a wonderful day in Yellowstone.  I will let the pictures do most of the talking.
Gus and "Buffy" the buffalo..getting some sleep in preparation for a big day.

Gus sees his first real buffalo. 
Our first sunset in Wyoming
Morning Buffalo
Elk having breakfast.  The big-buck hunter in me wanted Elk for breakfast.
Morning jog to a waterfall.
It was a pretty amazing waterfall.
Such incredible shifts in terrain/ecosystem.
Hot-springs one moment.
And snow-covered hot-springs the next.
Gus strongly preferred the snow!  Here is a happy shusky!
Gus even found some kids to throw him snowballs...soooo happy.
We helped build this little one's first snowman!
Then began our trip north to Big Sky Country
The Roosevelt Arch as we exited Yellowstone
My happy but exhausted boy, sleeping in the back after a day of snow play.

NEXT STOP:  The Colleges of Montana!

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