Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Welcome to Carleton- lots if tents and banners are being set
up for 1,500 alumni visitors this weekend. We also felt welcomed!
Carleton College
Northfield, MN
Enrolled NMH students:
David Coleman NMH '13
Wilson Josephson NMH '12
Soomin Heo NMH '10

The Knights “Sir Carl”

Gateway to Carleton's organic farm. A theme throughout
my travels has been the rise of campus farms
and gardens for students and faculty.
Current Student Contact:
Karen (rising senior)
Stratham, NH
High School:
Exeter High School

Why did you choose to attend this school:
I attended SWP, a high school summer writing program host at Carleton. We ate in the dining halls, lived in the residents halls, and really enjoyed the collaborative learning process. I really envisioned myself as a happy college student at Carleton, so I applied!

What are some of you thoughs for life after Carleton?
I really want to study library science in college and work and teach at a college.

What is a traditon which is unique to Carleton?
  Recognize this hall where weekly guest
lectures speak with Carleton community
members. This was the location
for the food fight scene
in Mighty Ducks 3.
Admittedly I haven't seen it,
The bust of a poet was taken/stolen from it's perch on campus. His nickname is Schiller, and he has been spotted all over the world. Schiller has dangled from a helicopter, visited the set of The Hobbit, and was on the Colbert Report.

Coffee and dog food at a great restaurant on the strip
just steps from Carleton's campus.
Where next?
Driving, hiking, site-seeing, and camping across South Dakota

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