Sunday, June 30, 2013

DAY 15 - GOLDSMITHS (Sage's School)

University of London

London, England

Current Student Contacts:
(and Joe from London, England)
Seattle, Washington
High School
Groton School
Bachelor of Music, Concentration Popular Music

Why did you choose you school?
I was looking for a school where I could study popular music and have the flexibility to continue to travel and perform. It's actually quite a challenge to find popular music programs in the United States. University of Southern California and New York University offer them, but they are very small and recently established. Goldsmiths popular music concentration has been established for fifteen years. I really appreciate Goldsmiths because Joe and I met and started collaborating during our first fall of classes. Since then we have been able to get our degrees while simultaneously signing with a Seattle based label. This past spring our band was selected to play in the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, we were gone for a week and our faulty was really understanding and flexible about allowing us to experience this incredible opportunity.

Check out Sage and Joe's band at:

Where next?
Hopefully playing more shows across the UK and US!

DAY 15 - HARVARD (Fiona's School)

 Harvard University
Boston, MA

NMH students at Harvard
Zena Edosomwan NMH '13
Evan Cummings NMH '12
Eliza MacLean NMH '11
Matthew Brown NMH '10
Laurent Rivard NMH '10
Tae Young Kim NMH '10

Current Student Contact:
Winchester, Ma and St. Andrews Scotland
High School
Groton School

Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Environmental Science and Public Policy

Why did you choose Harvard?
I actually felt a lot of family pressure to attend Harvard. Ultimately I'm glad I attended Harvard as the resources and opportunities are amazing. My passion for the environment was drawing me to choose different types of colleges, but my family did not want me to give up what Harvard has to offer. I did find a great compromise and spent much of my time as a student at the Harvard Forest in the western part of the state (near NMH).

Where next?
ANTARCTICA! I'm so excited to move to Antarctica in the fall to be part of a research fellows program.


All five of these wonderful folks lived in Lyman
dorm together at one point in time at Groton School
Lewis and Clark College
Portland, Oregon

The Pioneers

I was thrilled that my trip to Portland, Oregon also included a reunion with many of the all-star students from my past. 

Nora, Fiona and Sage are all Groton School Alumnae, who happened to be in the area this summer.  We got to have a little Lyman Dorm reunion, and I got spoiled rotten to get a private tour of Lewis and Clark, from Nora (an enrolled student)

Gus has gone on many
a walk with Nora.It was great to
get to walk around on her turf!

Current Student Contact:
New Haven, CT
High School:
Groton School
Psychology and German Studies

Why did you choose to attend this school:
A beautiful old stable, still stands
right in the center of campus.
I really wanted to get off the East Coast and explore the West Coast for college. Although I loved my high school experience at Groton, I really wanted to try out something completely opposite.  I really valued L&C's commitment to their study abroad programs. There is a long history of many of our programs, some have been established for 30 years. They make it easy to study abroad, so about 60% of the student body decides to go abroad at least once in their college career. I know everybody says this at liberal arts colleges, but I have also really valued the faculty student relationships here. My professors know me, and I like that.
Fiona appreciating the epic beauty of nature.

Gus stops for drinks everytime
he sees a nice fountain or pool.
What do you want to do after L&C?
This fall I'll be moving to Montana to work at E-L Dude Ranch, another amazing experience I've been wanting to try far from the comforts of home.

Where next?
Reed College Portland, Oregon


This is my first time ever in the pacific northwest.  It was Gus's first time too.   So we decided to do a little sight seeing.  Gus isn't used to spending a lot of time in big cities.  He wanted to bring his chicken along with him, to keep him company in the big loud city.   

Chicken came with us everywhere.  Chicken came up and down a ton of stairs. 

Chicken took a little rest break while Gus explored the incredible variety of large water dishes, that the people of the city had prepared for him.

Chicken met some nice tourists from all over the world.

All in all, Chicken and Gus had a wonderful walking tour of Seattle.  Gus was excited by the smell and visually intriguing Great Gum Wall of Seattle.  Needless to say, someone's fuzzy tail had to have some fur cut out of it after his trip to the Gum Wall

But the best part of Seattle, was taking a dip in the sound again. 

I liked the sunset from our Hotel Room.  Gus was already asleep on the bed. 

Friday, June 28, 2013


I have lived in some pretty dog friendly places (Burlington, Suburban Boston, Southern Vermont), but the suburbs of Seattle have had some of the most epic dog parks I have ever come across.

You can tell a lot about the manner in which people use their leisure time by how they use large tracts of land in any given place.

People in the Greater Seattle area, appear to enjoy letting their dogs wander around in beautiful settings, and don't mind letting their tax dollars support those open, public spaces for four legged friends.

Gus always enjoys meeting a new friend, even in the parking area of a rest stop, and even when the new friend is about as big as his paw.

However, things are way more fun when you are in a big leash-free park, with the capacity to race around like a wild man.

Gus sometimes gets a little shy after he gets barked at.  But eventually he gets back in the game.  By the end of today and our tour de dog parkery, Gus was a tired ole man.


University of Puget Sound    
Tacoma, Washington

The Loggers

Current Student Contact:
Deirdre   (rising junior)
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Molecular and Cellular Biology minor in English

Why did you choose to attend this school?
I went to a small high school and knew I wanted a small private college. I knew that private colleges could provide me with a great education in a smaller environment and grant me the financial accessibility. In New Mexico you can go to the University of New Mexico for free, the lottery pays for it, so most people clearly choose that Route. My parents are from Oregon and I applied to eleven colleges, University of Puget Sound was the right size and made it affordable for my family.

Where do you see yourself after UPS?
I want to go to medical school and become an OBGYN.

Fumio, Director of Admission, gave Gus and I a personal tour. Fumio worked in admission at Bowdoin when I was a student and we worked together at Exploration Summer Program.

Where next?
Lewis and Clark, Portland OR

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The students seemed to "be curious, not judgmental."
They "resisted much, obeyed little."
Whitman College

Walla Walla, Washington

Admission Contact:
Bruce Jones

Named after famous Christian Missionary Marcus Whitman of the famous missionaries slaughtered in the "Whitman Massacre," I chose to be less inspired by it's Christian missionary past, and more by its shared Poet namesake.  As I walked through campus I was reminded more of Walt's poetry, and less of slaughtered Missionaries. 

The "Fighting Missionaries," but again, students identify more with "The Ducks," because they have a heated pond on campus, so the ducks stay with them on campus all year.
Me, keeping "my face always toward the sunshine
so that the shadows would fall behind me." (at Lyman House)

The campus  of Whitman is stunning. After driving through wheat fields for two hours through Idaho and Washington, I was shocked at the gorgeous colors and landscape on Whitman's campus.  College Creek runs through the entire campus.  I really enjoyed my time at Whitman College.  From my very arrival, my experience of walking into the admissions office was comforting.  I found a table filled with all my favorite college guides, as well as the summer faculty reading, "Whistling Vivaldi."

Whitman seemed compelled in and devoted to assisting students in the process of choosing the right school, not just choosing Whitman. 

At the info session I attended with Esther, this feeling was further echoed. She is a recent Whitman grad and a first generation college bound student from Guam. She said the most frequent question asked of her about Whitman is what makes it different... Her answer is the true feeling of being part of an intimate community. She gave a personal anecdote about struggling personally in her first year at Whitman, and a professor was the first to notice her unhappiness . “At Whitman we are all people first, and student, teachers, athletes and, intellects second. Everyone struggles a bit at some point in college, at Whitman your peers and faculty will notice and help you through it.” 
Walla Walla had a strong farming community
and I was visiting during a large potato conference.
I signed up to get some sweet onions!

Many of those of you who interacted with the NMH Farm this year, may know Farmer Ben.  He as an Alum of Whitman.

Current Student Contact:

Evan (Rising junior)
Vancouver, Washington
Gender studies, minors in both Anthropology and Race and Ethnic studies

Why did you choose to attend this school:
Whitman was the only small school I considered applying to. Most of my friends and classmates at home head to large state universities. I visited Whitman with a friend whose father was connected to Whitman and as soon as I stepped on campus I realized that this is a place where I can make a difference. I starting reflecting about whether or not I was going to matter on a large university campus.  Although excited to attend Whitman, honestly I was nervous about Walla Walla. I'm a city slicker and pretty liberal, Eastern Washington can sometimes gain the reputation of being conservative. I'm so glad I trusted my gut, I love Walla Walla. Granted I'm so busy on campus with activities that I rarely get into town, but when I want to escape campus I love the downtown area. And honestly I really must like it, I took a friends advice to stay in Walla Walla when school is not in session. I chose to spend my summer here in the admission office.
What type of student may not be a great match for Whitman?
Hmmm, probably an introverted person who just wants to study all the time. Granted Whitman is very academic and attracts a certain intellect, but if you are just here to get A's in classes and nothing out then you're really wasting your money because you're missing out on what Whitman has to offer.

Gus thinking "Happiness, not in another place but this place...
not for another hour, but this hour."

All in all-a, Gus had a nice time in Walla-Walla.  This statue, however, creep-ed him out a little.  He tried to make friends, but this particular buddy was a little aloof.

"Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me..." Where next?
University of Puget Sound