Tuesday, June 18, 2013


U Minnesota’s brand new boat house is built along the shores
of the Mississippi. For a moment I though Kate was going ditch
Gus and I to participate in the crew training camp.
University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Goldy Gopher

U. Minnesota- Twin Cities is the flagship state university for Minnesota. The campus is located in both St. Paul and Minneapolis. The cities are divided by the Mississippi River. There are walking bridges and campus shuttles to transport students back and forth across the important waterway.

Because Minnesota can be pretty chilly in they have a skyway which allows students to comfortably navigate the campus buildings during the colder days and nights. This reminded me of the tunneling system in Montreal Canada, where McGill University resides.

Student Contact:
A State of the Art Swimming and Diving Facility
Matt (rising sophomore)
Northfield, MN (which is my next stop tomorrow!)
As her gently petted Gussy, he said “Animal Science and I'm pre-vet.”
Animals Science is tin the CFAN (College of Agriculture, Food, and Animal, Nutritional Science).

Why did you choose to attend UMN?
“I applied to a few other schools, but I always wanted to come here. I've been spending time on campus as a member of the UMN Swim Camp for years.”

While walking down the fraternity
row at UMN we came across two friendly
students relaxing on their fraternity patio.
Matt and Evan assuredly broke the old
negative stereotypes which can often
be associated with university Greek Life.
They were both thoughtful, bright, and
excited to help me learn more about UMN.
Student Contact:
Evan  (rising junior)
Winona, Minnesota (two hours down the Mississippi River)
Kinesiology in the school of Education and Human Development

Why did you choose to attend this school:
I transferred from University of Minnesota Duluth. I just felt like there were more opportunities at both this institution and in the Twin Cities.

Where next?
St. Olaf College Northfield, MN




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