Friday, June 28, 2013


I have lived in some pretty dog friendly places (Burlington, Suburban Boston, Southern Vermont), but the suburbs of Seattle have had some of the most epic dog parks I have ever come across.

You can tell a lot about the manner in which people use their leisure time by how they use large tracts of land in any given place.

People in the Greater Seattle area, appear to enjoy letting their dogs wander around in beautiful settings, and don't mind letting their tax dollars support those open, public spaces for four legged friends.

Gus always enjoys meeting a new friend, even in the parking area of a rest stop, and even when the new friend is about as big as his paw.

However, things are way more fun when you are in a big leash-free park, with the capacity to race around like a wild man.

Gus sometimes gets a little shy after he gets barked at.  But eventually he gets back in the game.  By the end of today and our tour de dog parkery, Gus was a tired ole man.

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