Monday, June 17, 2013


Personal Tour guides and hosts Courtney Reid Alexander
and her oldest child Brooke!
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Enrolled NMH students:
Alana Rhodin NMH '13
Spike Albrecht NMH '12
Pak Kuen Bennett Lai NMH '11
Sean Cirbus NMH NMH '10


Courtney is a dear friend of mine from NMH class of '97. At both NMH and University of Michigan she was a remarkable student-athlete. At Michigan, Courtney was an All-American field hockey player and a linguistics major. She is now a mom and a speech pathologist. Courtney's husband Nick,  is from Michigan and was a pitcher on the Wolverines baseball team.  A little known New England fact... Courtney and Nick were classmates of Michigan's back-up quarterback  Tom Brady (who is kiddingly known around these parts as "Our Back-Up Quarterback.")


This is Brooke in front of a giant Michigan mural of her mom "back in the day."

Courtney showed us around the Main academic quad pointing of the many of recent additions and the gorgeous historical architecture.

One of the striking differences between the small liberal arts college, and the large research flagship University, is just the size of some of the facilities.  I mean, not everyone who goes here gets to play point guard on this floor like Spike, but the facility is incredible, regardless.

This is a shot of the brand new "Crisler" Center on campus.

If you want to check out more about NMH basketball feel, I encourage you to do so...

Where next?
“West Coast” of Michigan for some camping and a car-ferry ride to Wisconsin.

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