Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 When packing for an extended trip it is important to remember the stuff you can't buy at a gas station:

-electrical cords to all your gadgets
-ways to charge them in the car
-maps when the cell coverage drops out
-a raincoat that actually keeps out the rain
-books you actually want to read
...and GUS!  Thankfully Gus eats a variety of things, from squirrels to chickens, to dog food, to twizzlers, so we should be ok at a farm, in the woods, or at 7-11.  He has hiked the Long Trail with me (Summer 2011), and the opportunity to car camp along side me this year seemed too good to pass up.

As I go through the final checklists I must admit feeling that nervousness of the unknown.  While I have been on many a college visit in the past, there will certainly be things on this trip that I cannot anticipate.  I imagine some of these will be among my favorite parts of the trip. One last night of sleep and I'll be off!


  1. Any chance you are coming to Oregon? We'd love to have you this far west!
    Best of luck on your travels,
    Dith Pamp NMH'07

  2. The short answer is YES. The Pacific Northwest schools are not yet set in stone, but I will be in that neck of the woods somewhere around the end of June!