Monday, June 24, 2013


Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana

Enrolled NMH students:
Eric Muhlenfeld NMH '10


MSU is a mid-sized research university. The undergraduate population is just over 11,000 and it is in walking distance of one of the most pristine downtown's of Montana. Bozeman, MT is home to a handful of our current NMH students, which leads me to believe that the reverse may be true, those who feel at home at NMH and are looking for a larger university experience may enjoy the similarly environmentally aware and plethora of  outdoor enthusiasts.  I certainly got a really fun vibe about Montana State.  The best comparison I could make was that it felt a LOT like the University of Vermont (but with even bigger mountains).

Current Student Contact:
Jnanek (rising senior)
Charleston, SC
I actually started as a computer science major, but I started dating a girl who worked for the national parks and she told me about the GIS major.

What do you want to do after MSU?
I really want to work for the Montana State government and the National Parks system.

Why did you choose to attend this school:
Honestly, I've always been an outdoorsmen... so being able to be 1 hr from Yellowstone, 5 hrs from Glazier, and 3 hours from Bob Marshall Wilderness was a huge draw. I can climb, white water raft, mtn bike, kayak, and hike in some of the most pristine places in the US everyday with other people who care about our incredible natural surroundings.
I got the feeling that Jnanek, (my student contact) although undeniably an individual, was somehow also representative of the spirit of individuality that I saw on campus. 

I happened to be on campus during one of the orientation weeks for incoming first-year students.  It added a certain excitement as new students and new parents arrived split up and got down to the business of prepping for their first years at Montana State.

Simultaneously, there was a Shakespeare Festival on Campus this evening.  Gus and I were sad that we didn't have the time to stick around and see the show.

Where next? University of Montana - Missoula

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