Friday, June 14, 2013


Gussy waiting patiently in the pouring rain to meet
“sniff” Handsome Dan the Yale mascot.
Yale University 
New Haven, CT

Enrolled NMH students:
Bradford Ward NMH '10
Hunter Cotton NMH '11
Anthony Dallier NMH '13
Joshua Hayden NMH '13
Perry Holmes NMH '13

Mascot: Bulldogs
Photo of recent graduate Jazzmin 

Admission Contact for NMH students:

Student Contact:

 Pomona, CA

Womens Gender and Sexuality Studies (Jazzmin explained that many majors at Yale are a mouthful to say aloud).

Why did you choose to attend this school:
 “I applied to Yale on a whim, I knew it was a reach, so I was surprised when I was accepted. I had my mind set on attending my dream school; Stanford, but when I visited Yale on “Bulldog Days” my mind quickly changed. Being from California I thought it was a done deal with the pouring rain forecasted all weekend, but it was the people who changed my mind. I met so many students who were genuinely interested and curious about so many different things.”

 I have visited Yale several times and have always been impressed by their incredible facilities and resources. Yale is one of the most selective colleges in the United States. This year Yale dropped from and 8.3 acceptance rate to an all time low of 7.5. Because Yale is so incredibly selective and I have visited it several times before, we just took a quick look around the new construction site for the increased incoming freshmen class.

Where next?
Lafayette College Easton, PA

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