Sunday, June 30, 2013


All five of these wonderful folks lived in Lyman
dorm together at one point in time at Groton School
Lewis and Clark College
Portland, Oregon

The Pioneers

I was thrilled that my trip to Portland, Oregon also included a reunion with many of the all-star students from my past. 

Nora, Fiona and Sage are all Groton School Alumnae, who happened to be in the area this summer.  We got to have a little Lyman Dorm reunion, and I got spoiled rotten to get a private tour of Lewis and Clark, from Nora (an enrolled student)

Gus has gone on many
a walk with Nora.It was great to
get to walk around on her turf!

Current Student Contact:
New Haven, CT
High School:
Groton School
Psychology and German Studies

Why did you choose to attend this school:
A beautiful old stable, still stands
right in the center of campus.
I really wanted to get off the East Coast and explore the West Coast for college. Although I loved my high school experience at Groton, I really wanted to try out something completely opposite.  I really valued L&C's commitment to their study abroad programs. There is a long history of many of our programs, some have been established for 30 years. They make it easy to study abroad, so about 60% of the student body decides to go abroad at least once in their college career. I know everybody says this at liberal arts colleges, but I have also really valued the faculty student relationships here. My professors know me, and I like that.
Fiona appreciating the epic beauty of nature.

Gus stops for drinks everytime
he sees a nice fountain or pool.
What do you want to do after L&C?
This fall I'll be moving to Montana to work at E-L Dude Ranch, another amazing experience I've been wanting to try far from the comforts of home.

Where next?
Reed College Portland, Oregon

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  1. I'm so glad you got to visit my other alma mater!

    -Dith Pamp
    NMH '07
    L&C '11