Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Macalester College
St. Paul, MN

Enrolled NMH students:
Luke Poulson NMH '13
Jordan Katz NMH '12

Mac the Scot = mascot or the Scots

Admission Contact:
Nora Main

The experts... Left to right Nora our admissions
representative and then students Abaki, and Joe.
Student Contact:
St. Louis, Missouri
Geography with an Urban Studies Concentration

Why did you choose to attend this school:
Actually my college counselor recommended Macalester to me. I knew I wanted a smaller college where faculty and students would know my name, but I wanted to be in an urban setting. There really aren't too many small liberal arts colleges in urban settings. My father attended Carlton College in Northfield, MN, so he was familiar with Macalester. I was thrilled to be admitted to Macalester off the wait-list because it was my first choice!

What makes Macalester unique amongst other selective small liberal arts colleges?
Students at Macalester are really compassionate. As an example, the campus squirrels are unusually friendly. The squirrels have big and bold personalities. They are completely unafraid to engage with students all over campus. It is common to see a squirrel casually stroll across campus with a whole bagel in their mouth. Students embrace the squirrels and have affection for them. They have actually become an unofficial mascot. Often if a t-shirt or logo is designed for a campus event you will find a squirrel in the logo.

For a small liberal arts college, students and faculty are proud
of their geographically diverse community. Many
 students are attracted to Macalester for their strong
International Studies and International Development majors.

Student Contact:
American Studies with a minor in French and Education.

Why did you choose to attend Macalester?
Funny enough, I actually wanted to study Arabic and International Studies. I had taken two years of Arabic at University of Montana while in high school. I was having a hard time finding colleges where I could got into an intensive study of the language. Most college's only offered one or two classes in Arabic language study. I also wanted to be in an urban setting. I had never heard of Macalester, but I have an uncle who lives in Minneapolis and had visited several times and liked the city, so I did research on the website... which is a REALLY great website, and decided to apply.

What type of student would not be a good fit at Macalester?
Probably someone who is set on a pre-professional track. I really think you need to be curious and open to changing your mind about what you want to major in.

Where next?
University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

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