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The students seemed to "be curious, not judgmental."
They "resisted much, obeyed little."
Whitman College

Walla Walla, Washington

Admission Contact:
Bruce Jones

Named after famous Christian Missionary Marcus Whitman of the famous missionaries slaughtered in the "Whitman Massacre," I chose to be less inspired by it's Christian missionary past, and more by its shared Poet namesake.  As I walked through campus I was reminded more of Walt's poetry, and less of slaughtered Missionaries. 

The "Fighting Missionaries," but again, students identify more with "The Ducks," because they have a heated pond on campus, so the ducks stay with them on campus all year.
Me, keeping "my face always toward the sunshine
so that the shadows would fall behind me." (at Lyman House)

The campus  of Whitman is stunning. After driving through wheat fields for two hours through Idaho and Washington, I was shocked at the gorgeous colors and landscape on Whitman's campus.  College Creek runs through the entire campus.  I really enjoyed my time at Whitman College.  From my very arrival, my experience of walking into the admissions office was comforting.  I found a table filled with all my favorite college guides, as well as the summer faculty reading, "Whistling Vivaldi."

Whitman seemed compelled in and devoted to assisting students in the process of choosing the right school, not just choosing Whitman. 

At the info session I attended with Esther, this feeling was further echoed. She is a recent Whitman grad and a first generation college bound student from Guam. She said the most frequent question asked of her about Whitman is what makes it different... Her answer is the true feeling of being part of an intimate community. She gave a personal anecdote about struggling personally in her first year at Whitman, and a professor was the first to notice her unhappiness . “At Whitman we are all people first, and student, teachers, athletes and, intellects second. Everyone struggles a bit at some point in college, at Whitman your peers and faculty will notice and help you through it.” 
Walla Walla had a strong farming community
and I was visiting during a large potato conference.
I signed up to get some sweet onions!

Many of those of you who interacted with the NMH Farm this year, may know Farmer Ben.  He as an Alum of Whitman.

Current Student Contact:

Evan (Rising junior)
Vancouver, Washington
Gender studies, minors in both Anthropology and Race and Ethnic studies

Why did you choose to attend this school:
Whitman was the only small school I considered applying to. Most of my friends and classmates at home head to large state universities. I visited Whitman with a friend whose father was connected to Whitman and as soon as I stepped on campus I realized that this is a place where I can make a difference. I starting reflecting about whether or not I was going to matter on a large university campus.  Although excited to attend Whitman, honestly I was nervous about Walla Walla. I'm a city slicker and pretty liberal, Eastern Washington can sometimes gain the reputation of being conservative. I'm so glad I trusted my gut, I love Walla Walla. Granted I'm so busy on campus with activities that I rarely get into town, but when I want to escape campus I love the downtown area. And honestly I really must like it, I took a friends advice to stay in Walla Walla when school is not in session. I chose to spend my summer here in the admission office.
What type of student may not be a great match for Whitman?
Hmmm, probably an introverted person who just wants to study all the time. Granted Whitman is very academic and attracts a certain intellect, but if you are just here to get A's in classes and nothing out then you're really wasting your money because you're missing out on what Whitman has to offer.

Gus thinking "Happiness, not in another place but this place...
not for another hour, but this hour."

All in all-a, Gus had a nice time in Walla-Walla.  This statue, however, creep-ed him out a little.  He tried to make friends, but this particular buddy was a little aloof.

"Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me..." Where next?
University of Puget Sound

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