Thursday, June 20, 2013


St. Olaf College
Northfield, Minnesota

Enrolled NMH students:
David Anderson NMH '11


Current Student Contact:
Annie (rising junior)
St. Paul, Minnesota

Theater major with an environmental studies concentration. I actually started as a pre-med major, and then switched to English, but finally declared Theater and Environmental Studies this past spring. Basically I've experienced every part of the liberal arts education offered at St. Olaf's.
Why did you choose to attend St. Olaf?

My parents are both college professors and they were familiar with the education and mission of St. Olaf. My high school in St. Paul also has a relationship with St. Olaf so I've known lots of people who have attended St. Olaf and loved it. St. Olaf was my first choice school all along, but because I wasn't sure if the finances would work out for my family I applied to eleven colleges. Thankfully St. Olaf was affordable for my family, and I was able to accept their offer of admission.

(Gus waited patiently in the shade while I met with Annie in the admisisons office.)
The boys of summer (beach volleyball on the quad)
How do you describe the religious affiliation and experience of St. Olaf as a student?
I'm not particularly religious, but I would describe and have been told that St. Olaf is a “college of the church, but not specifically faith based.” There is a large Christian population but I don’t feel like it is the majority and Christianity is certainly not pushed on anyone. Our pastor is wonderful and even meets with the student atheist group regularly.

 “Old Main” building reminded me of the architecture of East Hall on NMH's old Northfield campus. The view from “Old Main” at St. Olaf's was also similar to East Hall's on the Northfield campus. It stands high upon the hill looking across the town of Northfield. In the distance you can see the steeple of Carleton College's chapel.

Sweet and inspiring messages and quotes on the sidewalks around the campus quad.

Next Stop:  The BADLANDS!

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