Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Reed College
Portland, Oregon

Enrolled NMH students:
Will Greenberg NMH '12
Peter McTigue NMH '10

Official Griffin
Unofficial Doyle Owl 


Reed is a unique liberal arts school. Walking around Reed, it felt like a combination of Swarthmore (PA) and Hampshire College (MA). There is certainly a seriousness about the academic experience, however, there was also a free-spirited vibe and a sense that the “rugged individual” is valued. In general students who are happy at Reed thrive on the highly intellectual engagement both in and out of the classroom. Reed College is known well for doing a very holistic review of their applicants, admitting and attracting students with strong convictions, drive, intellectual curiosity, and a love of the natural settings around campus.

 The theater was tucked into nature, and positioned over a salmon spawning river.  Gus was super excited about the prospects of fishing, but salmon spawning grounds are protected, so our tour continued on.

The auditorium was hosting a chamber music festival.

But Gus was more interested in the sprinkler.  The summer heat has really settled in, and Gus was in need of a little break.

Where next?
Oregon Coast!!! All the way west!

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