Sunday, July 7, 2013


We woke up on the 4th of July with a long way to drive. 

Gus has been relegated to the back of the car, but enjoys sleeping on top of all of our stuff to make sure it doesn't blow out the window.

Our destination on the Fourth was Park City, Utah, an amazing little destination outside of Salt Lake.

However, we stopped at Yuba Lake, enroute to give Gus and I an opportunity to cool down.

Yuba Lake was a popular destination on a beautiful July 4th.  Erin and Gus got to swim with a bunch of new friends, as well as a bunch of jumping fish.

Then we packed up and headed back on the road to Park City.

Park City is most famous for the Sundance Film Festival and for being home of some of the most amazing ski facilities in America.  These facilities are so amazing that Park City has been home to the Olympic Bobsled, Ski Jump and many other skiing events.  Park City is also home to one of my old roommates and NMH classmate Kristy Mitchell.

Kristy was an amazing host.  She brought us to all the sites.  She introduced Erin to this very dapper bear, who Erin was immediately drawn to.

We finished the night watching fireworks from a rooftop restaurant over Park City.

Happy Birthday America.

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