Wednesday, July 3, 2013


University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon




U. Oregon Contact:
Video Specialist for Mens Basketball

Annapolis, Maryland

What a cool job, did your college major relate? No, not at all, I was a religious studies major.  I loved my major, but I was also a manager for the basketball team and became very integrated with the basketball program. I'm so excited to be working for the university and specifically with the men’s basketball program.

Religious Studies

We were pretty spoiled to get out onto the turf field of the Ducks.
The heat has become so oppressive for a Shusky that Gus is mostly interested in moving from shade to water, and back to shade.

Liz, a student on campus directed us to the Willamette River, and we enjoyed a nice dip.

The campus itself had an oldtimey college charm, but also the incredible collection of facilities that you would expect from a major flagship research institution.

Some of the little quirks were also particularly endearing.  The Mascot is prominently featured throughout the campus. There is a clear commitment to bicycling on campus, shown in part in the Bicycle maintenance stations that are available on campus.

For an avid runner, it was incredibly exciting to be on the campus of Prefontaine   It also makes me think of famous NMH alum and Prefontaine running buddy,  Frank Shorter .

I grew up seeing clips of campus in the various movies about the Oregon Running Dynasty, as well as seen the campus utilized for some very important national running events, so it was fun to be where the legends came from.

Where next?
Deep Springs

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