Friday, July 5, 2013


Over the course of the last couple of decades, Vegas has turned into the number one tourist destination in the world.  I've personally never been, and felt like a trip cross country probably needed to contain a stop.  Also, the temperatures in Vegas were at an historic high, and it felt like it would be "an experience" to hit the strip for the Fourth of July.

As an added bonus, Craig (of "Erin and Craig") was able to procure a week of summer vacation and could fly out and join me in Vegas for the remainder of the trip.  I certainly am ready to have someone help with the driving. 

The first thing that shocked me in Vegas was the heat.  It was so hot, that Gus's paw pads were burning, and I had to consistently get him out of the heat and into the air conditioning.  The second thing that hit me was the juxtaposition of families and sin city.

Vegas has made a serious "attempt" at making the strip "family friendly."  The result is this bizarre combination of loud drunken twenty and thirty somethings, giant billboards and neon signs, the traditional "sin city" gambling and dancers, and then cute families from all over the world bumping into you on the sidewalk.  It certainly is a spectacle and I am glad that I can now say, "Oh, I've been to Vegas."  Gus liked the fountains the most, making sure to play in them like the carefree frat boy that he sometimes pretends to be.

 After a morning by the pool, our reunited family unit headed back out on the road.

Next Stop
:  UNLV if we have time.  The Great Salt Lake, and Wyoming!

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