Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Our drive continued in earnest over the course of the last few days.  We sailed through Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois with a sense of purpose, striving to make our arrival date back in Massachusetts.  

We did make one unannounced stop.  Our very good friends were headed cross country on their own trip, relocating from Groton School to the Fountain Valley School in Colorado, and we happened to be driving on the exact same route through Dunlap, Iowa, and we were spoiled to stop and have a brief but lovely reunion.
Route 80 through Iowa also is home to the single largest truckstop in the world. 

Crossing the Mississippi for the second time in a month was also a striking moment.  It is always fascinating to think what great ease we travel with in the modern era.  To cross the Mississippi during a lifetime was an adventure only a few decades ago. 

This distinction was lost on Gus.  He was mostly just annoyed that we didn't stop to swim in it this time.

 I am not even sure he noticed that we had gone by.  He was too busy eating a box of Ginger Snaps that Craig had left halfway open.

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