Tuesday, July 2, 2013


 One of Gus' largest goals for this trip, was checking out a new ocean.  Despite his worldly travels, he had only ever drank of the Atlantic, and was looking forward to puking up some of the incredibly tasty Pacific water he had heard all about. 

He gets about as excited upon seeing bodies of water, as I do.  I wager that the two are somewhat connected, but regardless, once you have an overheated, excited fuzzy mutt in your car, itching to go for a swim, there is little you can do, but find a place to park, and take a few moments to enjoy the water. 

Our first sight of the open ocean occured in Lincoln City, Oregon. We came out of the woods, and ran into the Pacific. Within minutes of getting out of our car I spied three California Grey Whales swimming close to the shore. Some of you know, I love whales, and have always been fascinated by them, so this was a huge deal for me!

We took a selfie of our paws in the ocean, took a quick dip (and few hours playing in the sand) then set up camp on the shores and settled in for an incredible sunset.

Gus decided that he needed a new Facebook profile photo, and posed for a few shots.

Gus likes this one the best.  It is both "contemplative" but also "captures his prominent earline in a most natural and masculine manner."

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