Friday, July 5, 2013


Deep Springs College
Big Pine, California (California/Nevada Boarder)

About 26 students a year.

I've been wanting to visit Deep Springs College for years, as its unique mission and education setting has been beyond interesting to me. Students at Deep Springs are required to farm the ranch while also engaging in an intense academic curriculum. Deep Springs is an alternative 2-year college located deep in the California and Nevada desserts. Deep Springs is free of charge for students who are admitted through the intensive application and on site interview process. Because of the limited enrollment, single sex enrollment, and the rigorous academic program, Deep Springs is one of the more selective colleges in the country. In 2011, the board of trustees voted to begin accepting female students this summer. I am excited and can even imagine a scenario where one of the first female Deep Springs grads might come from NMH.

Current Student Comments:

Grass Valley, California

What do you want to do after Deep Springs?
I'm thinking about that right now. This is a pretty intense experience, I've had alumni tell me that this is more like an 8 year program than a two-year experience. It generally takes students about 8 years to make sense of this experience. Most people will apply to transfer into 4-year colleges intermediately after their two years at Deep Springs. This is kind of a feeder into pretty selective universities. I'm not sure if I will be ready for the cultural shock of heading to a big California University or following classmates to Harvard. I'm actually thinking about carpentry. I may take a year or two to be an apprentice.

Why did you choose to attend this school:
I believe in the mission and the community. I never expected the intensity and mutual responsibility we as students have on each other, our faculty, the full time farmers, and the faculty children. I am also an "all-in" kind of person. During your two-years at Deep Springs we only have limited leaves. We are responsible for keeping the farm going, so it is rare that you are able to get off campus.

So you have to ask to leave campus?
Yeah, we have a student governance and the student body must agree that it is ok for anyone to leave at anytime. An example, I had to clear with the student body before I could go home to my sisters High School graduation. I mean it makes sense, the less people working on the ranch the more work for the rest of us.

Talking to Jon made me curious to check out the Deep Spring's Self Governance Page.  It is an amazing place!

Where next?
Vegas to meet Craig!

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