Wednesday, July 3, 2013


When you head south from Oregon, you really only have a couple options.  One option is to sneak along the coastline on the most beautiful road in America (The 101) enjoying the redwoods, the vineyards, and popping out in one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the United States.

The other option is to head almost directly south, scramble over some rocks, and head into the desert.

Gus and I headed into the desert.

There is a certain beauty though, in the desert, and in the process of getting to the desert.  Highlights include the moments when you come across the surreal beauty of snow capped mountaintops, teasingly far away in the 110 degree heat.

Eerie moments include looking off in the distance and seeing the hills on fire smoke billowing up from the forest.   Seeing the smoldering results of wildfires within eyesight of the road is one of those experiences that is commonplace in the west, and so foreign to a New England girl.  It was particularly poignant and sad this week, in light of the tragic loss of life from this year's blazes.

Reno was everything that the show "Reno 911" mocked it for, and more.  Gus was excited that there were slot machines right in our hotel, but he still prefers a swimming hole to a casino any day.

Next stop:  Deep Springs

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