Thursday, February 13, 2014


of Tampa


Student Name: Victoria

Where are you from? Long Island, NY

What is your major? Forensic Science

What other schools did you look at? I also applied to John Jay, University of New Haven, Hofstra, Adelphi… I applied to 14 colleges.

The University of Tampa is certainly impacted by its location within
Tampa, FL (City of Tampa population 353,840).

The location allows access to hundreds of internships within walking distance:

There are currently students doing internships at such places as:

2 major newspapers Tampa Tribune & Tampa Bay Times
Tampa Bay Lightning
Tampa Museum of Art
2 major hospitals
Federal Court
Florida Aquarium

If I were to try to use a few words to describe the students and "scene" of the campus it would be
metropolitan, cosmopolitan, and active

Most popular majors:

International Business
Marine Science
Communication/Film and Media Arts

I was impressed by the Non-denominational Center for Faith and Values. It is nice to see a place where students can discuss and explore faith and values, without the expectation of certainty or allegiance to any single world-view. It was even more nice to see such a striking and beautiful building on campus, to focus one's exploration of said faith and values.
They were inordinately proud of their athletic facilities, suggesting, that they have the “best” lacrosse stadium in the world.

I was more surprised by this sign I discovered outside the bleachers that used to be the NY Yankees Spring training bleachers. Babe Ruth actually signed his contract in the Henry Plant Hotel. The bleachers now overlook the varsity soccer field.

The campus began in a similar fashion as Flagler, with a wealthy magnate developing an institute of higher education in order to improve the community and help draw youth and academics to the city.

Henry Plant was the benefactor for U. Tampa, and the Plant Museum still bares his name.

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