Wednesday, February 12, 2014


DAY FIVE - A little impromptu meetup with the family.

Day five of the tour was great.  We went out to see a couple of the smaller schools on the tour.  Both were great, but less of a fit for the students I work with.  We happened to be in the backyard of the area that my Grandmother lives in, so they showed up to meet me on tour.  I took the opportunity to have an early dinner with my Grandma, and my mom and dad who had sneaked down to Florida for a mini vacation.  We went out to a nice early-bird dinner, and I hopped back on the tour-bus.

My dad was rocking his 2013 Batty Roundball Classic Teeshirt.  I love that he still has the Hogger Pride after all these years.

Tomorrow - Eckerd!

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