Saturday, February 8, 2014


Flagler College
St. Augustine, FL

Mascot: The Saints

Flagler was certainly one of the colleges that I was most intrigued about as I was preparing to attend the Sunshine Tour.  I have met a number of Flagler Grads throughout my life, the school has enough name recognition that if you mention it among professionals, everyone generally nods their head.  But when pressed further, I don't know a lot of people with much in-depth experience.  It is exactly this kind of familiar unfamiliarity that makes a college visit so useful.

We had the pleasure of meeting the president of the college early in our trip.  He actually gave us the Financial Aid talk, and it became immediately apparent that he has a firm grasp on what goes on in all elements of Flagler College.  That is unsurprising as it also became apparent that he has been affiliated with the school for 43 of the 45 years it has been in existence.  I think that even though he never had the opportunity to graduate from Flagler (it didn't exist in time for him to do so) that he deserves to be considered "One of the Saints!"

Flagler has with great intention, attempted to focus on affordability for students.  Despite the trend across America to allow tuition to rise dramatically, the total cost of tuition, room and board at Flagler is still under $25,000.

This reality has placed Flagler in many of the the "Top Value" institution top-ten rankings over the last few decades.

The campus had an amazing Spanish Mission architecture to it.  Many of the buildings were strikingly beautiful. It is named after benefactor Henry Flagler, the founder of Standard Oil and the East Florida railroad, and many of the earliest campus buildings are renovations of the once famous Ponce de Leon Hotel. The college is nestled in St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in Florida, and the impact of this old city on the architecture and style of the campus is obvious, refreshing and comforting.

In the way that many "small New England towns" impact the manner in which a campus feels "like-home," Flagler matches and engages its larger community in an unique an striking way.

As much fun as I am having I must admit that every time I see a large fuzzy beast, I think of Gus, my Husky/German Shepherd, who had the pleasure of accompanying me on my travels this summer.  Although I am certain that he enjoying hiking more in the snow, than he would be playing on the beach volley ball courts (all these schools have beach volley ball courts), I must admit to wishing he could be here.

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