Monday, February 10, 2014


Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech)

Melbourne, FL

Mascot: Panthers

Tourguide:  Molly ‘16

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Major: Marine Biology

Why did you choose this institution? I also applied to Tampa and Eckard but chose Florida Tech because the marine biology program was so strong.
The most obvious and striking element of the Florida Tech campus was the botanical gardens, which make up a large majority of the physical space of the actual campus.

Despite being the scene of incredible natural beauty, Florida Tech has one of the largest undergraduate physics programs in the country.

The director of admissions encouraged us to seek out students who are curious to learn about the universe and what life might be out there.  He strongly suggested that Florida Tech is the kind of place they will be surrounded by tons of like-minded students.

There was a stark contrast between the classic engineering buildings and the natural beauty of the incredible gardens, but it seemed like a juxtaposition that could actual be of great benefit to the engineering and physics students. 

I really can't imagine a more beautiful location to study physics!

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